Canadian Organic Food Producers

The organic food producers in Canada earn about $3BN in profits each year. It is almost zero as compared to the commercially grown foods. The regulations of the Canadian government are friendly towards these producers. However, the general Canadian public is less aware of the facts associated with organic foods. Effective advertisement of such businesses must be done so that they get the required exposure. It is also advised to such businesses to ensure that they hold seminars and workshops to create awareness. These are some of the ways to get others know the benefits of organic food. There are many producers in Canada that import and produce organic food. Some of these businesses are mentioned as under:

Beland Organic Foods

13 Rue Filteau, Ville de Québec, QC G1C 3M7, Canada

The best part of this organization is that the food control processes are up to the mark. Large scale organic food production is done. The packaging and distribution is done within the facility. The company has its own farms. As per the statement on their website minimum human interaction is done while the food is being produced. It makes sure that 100% germ-free food reaches the consumer. In addition to this, the company is also indulged in assisting new ventures in this regard. Safe and healthy Canada is what this company is all about. It is advised to visit their website for further information.

Mike & Mike’s Inc

1 Royal Gate Blvd, Woodbridge, ON L4L 8Z7, Canada

It is also one of the companies doing a lot of organic food in Canada. The quality testing is rigorous. Mike & Mike’s Inc. owns several testing labs where the food not meeting the modern health standard is rejected and ultimately discarded. The venture also has a food chain in Ontario. As per their website, not every food item is there at the outlets. It is therefore advised to visit headquarter at the address mentioned above. Here the consumer can see how food is prepared and packed. The flawless processes of the company are its main weapon.

Organic Matters

3505 BC-6, Nelson, BC V1L 1G8, Canada

Organic Matters production company is known for the best user ratings it has received since inception. The organic food is produced in bulk. The prices are very economical and large-scale stores are its clients. The food quality is kept up to the mark and therefore the client base is very loyal. The quality control is the best among the business venture of this kind. From nuts to sweeteners every organic food item is produced with state of the art quality. It is ISO certified company that has all the required equipment to manufacture world-class organic food items.

Blush Lane Organic Orchard

3105 BC-3, Keremeos, BC V0X 1N1, Canada

This company calls itself the Organic Food Growing Capital of Canada. The seasonal foods are produced, packed and distributed in a highly controlled environment. As the name suggests the company has its own orchards which make the processing further reliable and easy. The customers can also plan their visit. It is usually 15 – 30 minutes and allows the users to monitor the organic food-related processes.

Why should Canada go Organic?

Both generic and organic food operations work in Canada. It simply means that like every other factor Canada is also diversified when it comes to food. The mass scale production of organic food in Canada is not being done currently. There are 3713 business ventures in Canada that have registered as organic food operations. The total percentage of Canadian food market captured by these organizations is only 1.8. From 2011 to 2017 the organic food industry of Canada rapidly developed. Except the wide-spread occurrence of organic food, there is one more high-popular field in Canada. Gambling industry, presented by a wide range of different gaming sources can boast of its trusted websites, online casino games listings and others.

It has been estimated that around 2020 the Canadian organic food market will expand by 67%. It is very important for the Canadians to go organic as it increases food nutrition. It also ensures that immune system becomes strong and fewer diseases damage the body. As a pure form of natural food, it is very important. There are certain advantages which urge the Canadians to consume organic food. Some of these are mentioned as under:

No Chemical consumption

It is a known fact that commercially grown food is sprayed with chemicals. These chemicals are such that they damage the body without consumer knowledge. In USA 600 chemicals are researched each year with which the commercially grown foods are sprayed with let alone the world. The hardest part of all is that these chemicals are never tested for effects on human body. It simply means that the commercially grown foods are sprayed without knowing long term health issues. Organic food in consumption by Canadians will make sure that these chemicals are avoided at all costs. Long term health benefits will be enjoyed as well.

Increased nutritional value

It is very important to note that organic food has higher nutritional value as compared to all other forms.  Chemicals in commercial food make sure that the nutrients are killed. The organic food is grown naturally without any chemicals. As they have a high nutritional value so the health benefits are long term.

The need of the hour is to increase the organic food production in Canada. 1.8% of total food market is absolutely zilch. More vitamins, proteins, and minerals are consumed as a result of organic food servings. The 2016 Census of Agriculture in Canada shows the same results. In 2017 Statistics Canada also ensure that the same repercussion of organic food consumption is conveyed to the general public.

Say NO to GMO

It is a known fact that the commercially created foods are genetically modified organisms. It simply means that the food is grown out of season by modifying the contents. It is therefore very important to say no to this kind of good. Canada also imports certain kinds of food from all over the world. The labeling is therefore altered so that health issues by such consumption remain hidden. This kind of food is not at all fit for health. The internal organs are severely damaged over the course of time. It is therefore advised to Canadians that they must say NO to GMO. Long term health benefits are only possible if naturally grown organic foods are consumed.